Blue Lagoon Oysters

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Blue Lagoon Oysters sells fresh, tasty oysters from pristine waters; the only oyster farmgate on the Tasman Peninsula.

Our oysters are grown in Boomer Bay and have a unique, fresh and briny flavour that reflects the forests and seagrass meadows blasted by the East Coast oceanic currents.

We are a small farm that grow beautiful Pacific Oysters and it's colourful sister, the Tassie Gold Pacific Oyster. We are the only farmgate in the state to cultivate and sell the unique native Tasmanian flat oyster, the Angasi.

Our land base in Boomer Bay is the hub of our oyster sales. But the real action happens for us a 10 minute barge trip away in our crystal clear water lease between Marion Bay and Dunalley, South-east Tasmania.

We look forward to you dropping by to share our love of oysters.

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Pacific Oysters

Our babies (spat) start their life in an oyster hatchery before being transferred to our water when they are between 4 to 8mm in size.

They are carefully placed in sheltered parts of our lease and then regularly handled and rehoused in tubes in various parts of the farm for 12 to 18 months to reach a marketable size.

They live in between subtidal (under the ocean waters all of the time) and intertidal (in & out of the ocean waters) to gain a well-shaped shell and plump body. Our oysters have a fresh and salty taste of the ocean.

Tassie Golden Pacific Oysters

Our Tassie Golden Pacific Oyster is our premium oyster and has an outstanding appearance of a golden shell.

It is slower growing, but rewards us with a full rounded, larger meat in a deep cupped golden shell.

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Angasi Oysters

The Tasmanian native Angasi Oyster naturally grow in our bay.

This flatter shell native oyster takes 30 to 40 months to reach market size and naturally grows in our oyster leases.

In recent years we have started collecting our own babies (spat) to cultivate and farm to provide an oyster with a briny, mineralised, textured and umami lingering flavour to that of a Pacific Oyster.

The angasi is available from late May to late September and we are the only Tassie oyster farm that sells this oyster through our farm gate.  We are able to do so because of  our intertidal and subtidal farming methods.

Intertidal Racks

Our oysters are placed in tubes that hang off a line suspended from posts. The oysters live in, and then out of, the water which allows the oyster to exercise and have a stronger muscle to keep it's lid shut when out of water. Wind and tides also move the oysters around in the tube to provide a well shaped oyster.

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Intertidal lease looking towards Bream Creek

Subtidal Packs

Oysters are suspended under floats, in packs of 6 tubes, under water all of the time to allow them to constantly feed and grow. The ebb and flow of the tide moves the oysters around in the packs and so provides a well shaped oyster.

Both of these farming techniques together produce a well sought after oyster all year round.

Deep water lease looking towards Dunalley

How to contact us

Blue Lagoon Oysters
98 Bay Road Boomer Bay

- Just before Dunalley, South East Tasmania
- Turn left off the Arthur Highway
- 40km from Hobart Airport
( Located about 1km along Bay Road. overlooking the bay towards South Maria Island and Hellfire Bluff )

Oysters are available in our outlet 7 days a week.

Winter hours start as from Monday 30th May Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm

Friday to Sunday 9am to 5pm

Please bring a cooler bag to take home your oysters

Tasmanian Oyster Sales

Tasmanian Oyster Farm oyster sales...

Visit/call into our Tasmanian oyster farm to buy your fresh, out of the water, and tasty Tasmanian oysters. Come and meet our friendly staff who will tell you our story of growing our special Tasmanian oysters.

Oysters are available in our outlet 7 days a week.

Winter hours:

Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm

Friday to Sunday 9am to 5pm

Please bring a cooler bag to take home your oysters